PRP Therapy: Harness The Healing Power of Your Blood

PRP Therapy Harness The Healing Power of Your Blood

All about PRP (Platelet-rich plasma)

PRP which stands for Platelet-rich plasma is a special kind of  treatment for several medical injuries, diseases, and problems  as well as erectile dysfunction and Peyronies. When the Platelet Rich Plasma is introduced to injuries, it not only intensifies the healing effect but heals on a larger and faster scale. Many professional athletes and famous  athletes undergo PRP treatment for their various problems like chronic tendon injuries, sprained knees injuries. PRP is naturally occurring in blood, it is active plasma from your body which has several therapeutic properties. Plasma has a natural healing property, and this is always a fruitful solution for erectile dysfunction. American Male wellness uses PRP to help treat Peyronie’s Disease, erectile dysfunction, and to simply help gain size and density in the penis . In this process, the patients own blood is used with no extra chemicals or medications. Which in return gives you a successful ED treatment which will definitely guarantee safe and effective results. The PRP Therapy offered at American Male Wellness is the  P-Shot Therapy, the P-Shot works to reverse the primary cause of erectile dysfunction and give you a permanent solution.

How Does PRP Work?

PRP which is also known as P-shot or the Priapus Shot is a very simple procedure. To start the process the Patient has 22ml of blood drawn from them. Then the blood is spun and cleansed, to seperate the PRP from everything else like toxins, fats, and anything else in the blood. Finally it is reintroduced into strategic points of the penis, for the healing factors to be most effective. This process revitalizes and rejuvenates the damaged area, it also helps with building new tissue and curing Erectile Dysfunction.

Is PRP successful?

PRP is a process which repairs the damaged tissues and builds new tissue as well, so it has a high success rate. P-shot or PRP usually stimulate the muscle of the penis and help it to grow concerning length and girth. The treatment helps patients with maintaining an erection during sex as well as at the time of intercourse.

Is PRP Dangerous and is it FDA approved?

As this treatment uses the patient’s blood, there is no possibility of having  any allergic reaction or dangerous outcome. When it comes to FDA approval, it is 100% approved, the process itself is FDA approved, and since there is no chemicals  involved the FDA has no need for further approval.

Does PRP or P-shot process Painful?

At American Male wellness center always try our best to perform P-shot with the least amount of discomfort to our patient and always focus on client’s satisfaction. We apply strong numbing cream and nerve block so you feel little to nothing at all during the procedure.

Final words

PRP is always a successful treatment for men’s erectile dysfunction and a quick recovery process in which the patient can enjoy his sex life in that same day after the P-shot procedure. This process not only helps with curing many male medical problems like ED, and PE, but it also revitalizes the penis and brings more size and density to it as well.