Stem cell therapy

Stem cell therapy for a happy living

There is hardly a person not knowing about the power of stem cell therapy. Research in this field is still being conducted nowadays, but successful results are not a myth, and American Male Wellness Center can’t stand aside from the innovative methods in medicine. 

Stem cells are your own body material on the basis of which daughter cells develop. If you are healthy enough these daughter cells form new stem ones or turn into cells with specific functions (blood, brain, bones, muscles, heart cells). In the case of poor health, the same process may be reproduced in the laboratory. 

There are no other cells able to generate new cells in a human body, thus stem cell therapy is an exclusive procedure famous for its amazing healing effect.

What is stem cell therapy?

According to lots of researches, stem cells help understand the origin of diseases and specific conditions as well as are used in regenerative medicine to develop new healthy cells to replace and cure the diseased ones. It is expected that in the nearest future stem cells will be used for organ transplantation instead of donors.

If you’ve had a spinal cord injury, suffer from diabetes, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s disease, cancer, or have got any other serious diagnosis, you should visit American Male Wellness Center to get expert stem cell therapy in Las Vegas.

How it works?

Stem cells are being grown in the laboratory and then used to replace the diseased ones by means of implanting in the human body. The way cells are applied depends on the specific disease a person suffers from. Being implanted stem cells fix the damaged cells and strengthen the immune system to help the organism cope with the disease.

Regain health with stem cells therapy in Las Vegas

Doctors of our team have profound knowledge in regenerative medicine and will thoroughly investigate your exclusive case to prescribe the therapy that will work 100%. Every physician is an expert with an individual approach to every patient to choose the most effective and safe treatment. We will support you both during the treatment and the recovery period to make sure you are healthy and happy again. Schedule a visit to American Male Wellness Center today!

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