Peyronie disease treatment in Las Vegas

Peyronie disease treatment without any surgery


Peyronie disease is a chordee of a penis. Apart from it is somehow disturbing and embarrassing, this phenomenon may also cause pain feelings while sexual intercourse. In the worst-case scenario, Peyronie disease may pass into the erectile dysfunction.

Among the reasons for the disease are microtraumas or accumulation of calcium in some parts of the penis. In any case, it is better to visit a doctor in Las Vegas who will help you solve such a problem as Peyronie.

Fast and effective treatment

Nowadays the Peyronie’s is easily treated in the American Male Wellness Center in Las Vegas using two innovative methods:

  1. Acoustic sound waves
    Such therapy helps to remove the tissue and calcium concentration in the penis.
  2. Platelet Rich Plasma Shot
    It is used for cellular regeneration. Platelets are the kind of our blood cells that help repair tissue and blood vessels as well as revive the sensations.

The combination of the two therapies mentioned above will help you enjoy your sexual life again without worries and pain. This is 100% effective, safe, and painless Peyronie disease treatment in Las Vegas after which you will feel much better.

In the result you will get:

  • – resolution of the penis curvature caused by Peyronie disease
  • – easily achieved and stronger erections with no pain
  • – increased length of the penis
  • – better sensations
  • – normal blood flow

Let us bring back your confidence and joy of living a happy love life!

Choose the best doctor in Las Vegas

It is the high time to schedule a visit to AMW and get rid of Peyronie’s once and forever. Start from a simple consultation and move on to the individual treatment taking account of all the peculiarities of your case. No surgery, only effective painless therapy, and 100% successful result. The doors of the American Wellness Center are always opened for you!

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