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What is Erectile Dysfunction (ED)?

 It is the inability of a man to get and keep an erection. In some cases, the erection appears but it doesn’t last long enough to allow having sex. Because of erectile dysfunction, a man feels discomfort and can’t enjoy satisfying sex life

What causes erectile dysfunction?

There are many factors that may cause erectile dysfunction. Among them are:

  • physical issues (various penis tissues and damages), 
  • emotional and psychological issues: stress, anxiety, low self-esteem, depression
  • medical conditions, such as problems with arterial flow, atherosclerosis, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, Peyronie’s disease, etc.
  • lifestyle: smoking, alcohol, drugs intake, excessive weight, and low physical activity
  • some medications intake
  • metabolic syndrome

Every case is individual, so in order to find out what causes problems with your sexual vigor, you need to schedule a meeting with a doctor.

What are the symptoms of erectile dysfunction?

You are likely to have ED if you can’t get and keep an erection, experience problems with getting an erection from time to time, or can get an erection but it isn’t enough for having sexual intercourse. However, you need to see a doctor not only when you experience troubles with getting an erection but in case of delayed or premature ejaculation as well. Apart from that, certain health conditions like diabetes and heart disease may also be linked to impotence, so take it into account and don’t forget to tell your doctor about any symptoms you are concerned about.

Can ED be treated?

Yes, erectile dysfunction can be successfully treated and there are many ways to cure this condition. Depending on the causes and your health status, such treatment methods may be applied:

  • lifestyle change: healthy eating, everyday exercises, smoking, and alcohol consumption cessation, etc.
  • natural supplements intake and acupuncture
  • medications, such as Viagra, Tadalafil, and other drugs improving blood flow to the genitals
  • devices use, e.g. penis pumps, rings, etc.
  • surgical methods

Do not self-medicate, consult our doctors at American Male Wellness what treatment method will fit you considering your particular case, and get to know how to cure erectile dysfunction naturally and permanently.

Is it a permanent solution?

In most cases, erectile dysfunction can be treated completely if the diagnosis is right and proper support and treatment are provided. ED can be reversed if its cause can be eliminated. E.g., if it has appeared as a side effect after some medications or is a result of excessive smoking, alcohol and drug consumption, unhealthy diet, excess weight, hormonal issues, stress, relationship difficulties, etc., you can get rid of the dysfunction simply by fighting these factors. In case ED is caused by factors that can’t be reversed or treated, you may require implants, surgery, or injections to get relief.

Erectile Dysfunction
Treatment Process

Treatment Process

Experts of our wellness center use an individual approach to every client in order to provide proper and most effective erectile dysfunction treatment. Before prescribing the therapy we will make several non-invasive tests to learn the causes of problems with erectile function and all the nuances of your health status.

The therapy we offer is based on FDA-approved devices and technologies and is aimed at eliminating the erectile dysfunction causes and normalization of blood flow, sensitivity and male functions. 

Our highly qualified doctors will find the right and effective solution to your particular problem despite your age and the erectile dysfunction symptoms you have. You will regain self-esteem, get back to a happy sex life with a strong and long erection and vivid orgasms as well as forget about depression and relationship problems that could ever bother you.

We also successfully treat men with diabetes, removed prostate, urological surgeries, and high blood pressure thoroughly taking into account all the nuances of any medical conditions you may experience.

Benefits of our therapies

  • individual approach and prescriptions
  • fast and painless in-office procedures up to 30 minutes of duration
  • the permanent or long-lasting result after the first visit 
  • improved sexual performance 
  • better and longer erections
  • brighter and more sensuous orgasms
  • better mood and decreased anxiety
  • happier life and relationships


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