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B-12 Therapy - American Male Wellness

Professional vitamin B12 therapy to take your well-being to the new level

B-12 Therapy Treatment Process

Treatment Process

The treatment process is clear and simple. If you feel stressed, exhausted, sleep badly, and lack nutrients because of a poor diet, you will likely require B 12 shots therapy. To check your health status and get the right therapy, you, only need to book an appointment or at least get an online consultation with one of our highly qualified doctors and then visit our clinic. We will take care of all the necessary analyses and provide individual prescriptions to solve your health issues quickly and effectively.

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Benefits of our therapies

  • improved mood and energy boost
  • better sleep
  • immune system balance
  • boosted metabolism
  • healthy weight loss
  • easier mental activity
  • better hair, nails, and skin
  • better heart health
  • osteoporosis prevention
B-12 Therapy Treatment Process in Las Vegas

B12 Therapy for Weight Loss and More

For many men looking to get an energy boost and a head start on weight loss, B12 therapy is a natural and effective therapy that can jump-start your body’s metabolism and weight loss ability. Many people find that B12 injections help reduce fatigue and provide a rapid weight loss solution that when combined with proper diet and exercise, can lead to weight loss results that are almost immediately noticeable! Speak with one of our male wellness specialists today to see if B12 injections are right for you.


We provide men with the tools they need to boost energy, increase mental clarity, and improve sexual and overall health.

Schedule an appointment (702) 347-7000
(702) 347-7000
B-12 Therapy - American Male Wellness

FAQ: About B-12 Therapy

Who needs B12 Vitamin?

Everyone should take B 12 vitamin daily because its amount tends to decrease without replenishment. It especially touches upon people over 50, vegans and vegetarians, pregnant and breastfeeding women, and people who have anemia.

What does B-12 actually do?

One of the main vitamin B 12 benefits implies its part in DNA creation. It allows sufficient energy to cope with stress and fatigue, and prevents anemia, and other unwanted health statuses.

How much B12 should i take per day?

The recommended dosage of B 12 daily intake is 2.4 micrograms, but for some people, the dosage should be increased (pregnant and breastfeeding women). Don’t medicate yourself – better contact our experts to get an individual prescription.

Are there any side effects?

Possible side effects of B-12 injections depend on your state of health, so if you are concerned about it you should contact one of our doctors and schedule an appointment for a professional consultation.

What is B-12 Therapy Treatment?

B12 therapy implies an injection of B-12 vitamin. But to get it, you need to get a prescription first, so feel free to consult our doctors by setting up an appointment in our clinics.

What Our Client’s Say

Robert W.
Dr. Tam was great, after doing my initial labs and reviewing them with me he concluded that I have a hormone balance issue and prescribed a hormone optimization plan. I signed up for the monthly plan and now after my second month on the plan I feel great and energized again.

Kieran W.
I’m a patient of this medical center for almost 2 years now, and started testosterone therapy around this time. I feel great and energized again, I also added recently some peptides therapy into my treatment plan and I see great results in my overall well-being.

Ellis J.
It was the first time I visited this clinic and the service was excellent. The front desk person was very welcoming and made me feel at easy, the doctor knew what questions to ask and gave me the felling he knows what he’s doing and really care to help.

Glenn B.
Really happy with the advice that the team at american male wellness provided me with. It's not easy dealing with ED, but it was a relief to get some proper advice on how to deal with it and what treatments are available.

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