B-12 Therapy

What is B-12

Vitamin B-12 is an essential part of many functions in the body. One important function of B-12 is that it is necessary for the production of blood cells. Red blood cells are abundant in the body and their life span is approximately 120 days. Since these cells are destroyed daily, the human body continuously creates them. The key to having sufficient red blood is, they carry oxygen to all bodily tissues. Oxygen is necessary for tissues to produce energy. In addition, this production of energy drives the bodies ability to function efficiently.

Who needs B-12

Since the human body can only store B-12 for a limited amount of time, it should be consumed on a daily basis.

Unfortunately, we recognize that our diet is not always abundant in the key nutrients necessary for the body to function efficiently. Some individuals do consume B-12 in their diet, but are unable to absorb this nutrient due to stomach and digestive issues. Also, their an anemic condition called Pernicious Anemia caused by the lack of B-12 causing the body to feel weak and tired sometimes caused by vegan or vegetarian diets which lack animal foods rich in this essential vitamin.

The addition of B-12 therapy can boost the bodies ability to create red blood cells and ultimately allow the body to generate more energy to repair and recovery from the daily stresses of normal life activities

How to determine the necessity of B-12 Therapy

Initial determination of a B-12 deficiency is necessary to determine a long term treatment plan. Diagnostics can pinpoint the need for B-12 and determine if an individual would benefit from the addition of B-12 supplementation. B-12 storage can last between 2-4 years in normal conditions.

However, due to the daily stress of life activities, poor diet, lack of sleep, anemia and stomach conditions which limit absorption will deplete B-12 storage at a much faster rate.

American Male Wellness B-12 Therapy Protocol

For individuals feeling a bit stressed, overworked, lacking sleep and having a poor diet, they would benefit from a B-12 injection on a monthly basis. Individuals who may have other underlying conditions causing a B-12 deficiency would be monitored to determine the frequency and dosage of B-12 to keep them in a therapeutic range.

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