Sildenafil is a phosphodiesterase inhibitor and is used for impotence or erectile dysfunction treatment. It provides a natural response to sexual arousal – increases the blood flow to the penis when you get sexually aroused so that you can keep an erection. NOTE: Sildenafil does not protect against sexually transmitted diseases. The intake dose is prescribed individually and depends on medical indications, your age and health condition.

It Is Good For:

  • Erectile dysfunction treatment 
  • Impotence cure
  • Erection enhancement 

25mg / $2.00

50mg / $2.50

100mg / $2.50


Tadalafil helps men treat sexual impotence or erectile dysfunction issues as well as benign enlargement of the prostate. It works only at the moment of erection, so make sure you take the medicine 30 minutes before the sexual intercourse for it to take effect. Tadalafil is available with a prescription, so schedule a visit to our physician to get a qualified consultation taking into account the individual peculiarities of your health state.

It Is Good For:

  • Sexual impotence treatment 
  • Erectile dysfunction issues solving 
  • Better erection

5mg / $2.00

10mg / $2.50

20mg / $2.80


Viagra is used in cases of problems with male sexual function, such as erectile disorder or sexual debility. Its main effect lies in relaxing the blood vessels walls and increasing the blood flow to your penis which provides a strong and long-lasting erection. Viagra is not recommended in case of certain medical conditions. 

It Is Good For:

  • Erectile disorder treatment 
  • Erection enhancement

25mg / $89.00

100mg / $89.00


If you suffer from erectile dysfunction and can’t reach and keep the erection, Cialis will help you bring back the joy of sexual life. Taken before sexual intercourse, it improves sensitivity and then works for 36 hours. 

It Is Good For:

  • Erectile dysfunction treatment 
  • Sensitivity increase 
  • Better and longer erection

10mg / $79.00

20mg / $85.00

Maximux Performance Troches

In case erectile dysfunction causes suffering, try out our Maximum Performance troches. They will help you feel the sex drive, have a long and strong erection making you live a healthy and happy sexual life again. For individual prescriptions, please contact our physicians.

It Is Good For:

  • Erectile dysfunction treatment
  • Better sexual performance

MOQ 12 / $12.50

Maximum Performance drops

Maximum Performance drops were developed specifically to help men who have problems with sexual arousal and erection keeping. The medication is aimed at stimulating the blood flow to the genitals which causes erection and improves sexual performance.

It Is Good For:

  • Male sexual function enhancement
  • Erectile disorder treatment

30ml / $29.99