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By focusing only in erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and low testosterone, we are able to provide you the best solution at a price you can afford.



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About Medical Weight Loss FAQ Form: What is medical weight loss?Medical weight loss is the process of slimming
About Sports Injuries FAQ Form: What sports injuries do we treat?We cure various joint and muscle injuries, fractures,
About Premature Ejaculation FAQ Form: What is Premature Ejaculation?Ejaculating too soon after the beginning of intercourse or even
About Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy FAQ Form: What is PRP?Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy implies taking your own blood
About Peyronie’s Disease FAQ Form: What is Peyronie DiseaseIf a man has Peyronie’s disease his penis is significantly
About IV Therapy FAQ Form: What is IV Therapy?Vitamin IV therapy implies delivery of vitamins, medications, and any
About B-12 Therapy FAQ Form: What is B-12 Therapy treatment?B 12 therapy implies an injection of B-12 vitamin.
About Diabetes FAQ Form: Does diabetes cause ED?Diabetes may become the cause of erectile dysfunction due to a
About Peptides Therapy FAQ Form: What are Peptides?Peptides are smaller versions of proteins. They comprise from 2 to
About Acoustic Wave Therapy FAQ Form: What is Acoustic Wave Therapy?The principle of acoustic wave therapy for erectile
About Stem Cell Therapy FAQ Form: What is Stem Cell Therapy?Stem cell treatment is used to regenerate the
About ED FAQ Form: What is Erectile Dysfunction (ED)? It is the inability of a man to get and
About BHRT FAQ Form: What is BHRT?BHRT implies the use of hormones that are identical to endogenous ones
About P-Shot Procedure FAQ Form: What is the P-Shot?Priapus Shot, named after the Greek God of fertility, is
About Testosterone Replacement Therapy FAQ Form: What is Testosterone? Testosterone is a men’s sex hormone that is produced by
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Health is a blessing that money can’t buy, says the proverb. Therefore, it is crucial to make healthy choices all the time. American Male Wellness is one of the best choices in favor of your wellbeing and men’s health in Las Vegas!

The team of professional doctors for males is always ready to help you solve sexual, urologic, and reproductive health issues providing services of top quality from the very first visit till the result you desire to get and even further.

If you are in Las Vegas and search for a trustworthy male clinic near you, we’ll be happy to welcome you to our center. Among our benefits are:

  •  – Full range of male health clinic checkups
  •  – Effective and safe treatment methods
  •  – Highly qualified personnel
  •  – Individual approach taking into account your particular case

AMW center is the place near you where any problems with male health are solved professionally. We are leaders in the treatment of:

  • – Erectile Dysfunction
  • – Premature Ejaculation
  • – Testosterone dysregulation

Our mission is male enhancement in terms of health and proper reproductive system functioning. Don’t hesitate to contact us and consult our experts right away by clicking the button below.

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Our Main Specialisations

Erectile Dysfunction

Problems with erection are a disaster for any man. Low self-esteem, inability to have a full-blown relationship with women, depression can make a life of a man almost meaningless. American Male Wellness experts are ready to help you get your virile strength back. We apply modern methods, use effective medication, and practice a brand new approach for you to be happy and healthy again in the shortest time.

Our male clinic in Las Vegas is proud of its doctors – we’ve hired the best specialists from all over the world. They constantly improve their knowledge and skills to perform the best therapy.

Premature Ejaculation

Suffer from premature ejaculation and don’t know how to cure it?

Our male enhancement clinic is always ready to help since we have the medical protocol for overcoming the PE though you can hardly find any appropriate medicine in pharmacies. With many years of experience, the doctors of the Wellness Center successfully treat problems with ejaculation that comes from hypersusceptibility.

We will help you take control over your sensations, revitalize your body, and become confident again bringing back your happy love life. No pain, no needles, only safe and effective solutions! If you live in Vegas and wonder “Is there a clinic near me to solve such a delicate problem as rapid ejaculation?”, the answer is the AMW!

Testosterone Replacement

Testosterone is the most important hormone in the life of a man because it is the indicator of masculinity. It affects the libido level, production of sperm, the amount of hair on the face, muscle development, etc. When a man is in his thirties, the level of testosterone starts to decrease. This is the high time to take care of your health and go to the male hormone clinic.

We will help you to:

  1. – Lose excess weight
  2. – Improve the blood flow and bone density
  3. – Retrieve the energy and improve sleep quality
  4. – Make your heartbeat properly

Click the button below to get immediate help in American Male Wellness – the best sexual health clinic in Las Vegas you can entrust your health with no doubts.

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