Hyperbaric Chamber Las Vegas

Introducing the premier Hyperbaric Chamber Treatment in Las Vegas at American Medical Wellness for enhanced regeneration and longevity. Elevate your health with our state-of-the-art hyperbaric chamber therapy! A groundbreaking solution for those aiming to enhance life longevity and quality.

Experience the brilliance of our advanced chamber, featuring three viewing windows that illuminate the interior, combining resilience, unparalleled comfort, and the pinnacle of medical standards, ensuring an unrivaled treatment session.

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Hyperbaric Chamber Las Vegas

Recover, Recharge & Regrow With Hyperbaric Chamber Treatments.

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What Does A Hyperbaric Chamber Do?

A hyperbaric chamber is a high-pressured device that delivers oxygen 2-3 times higher than atmospheric pressure. This increased pressure allows the body to absorb more oxygen, which can have numerous therapeutic benefits.

The body’s cells and tissues need a certain amount of oxygen to function properly. The idea is that by exposing the body to higher levels of oxygen, tissue and cells are able to perform its role better and faster.

Leading-edge research in hyperbaric medicine (HBOT) has unveiled that exposure to 1.3 ATA of hyperbaric pressure with normal air (21% oxygen) notably triggers stem cell mobilization.

This pivotal discovery underlines the significance of HBOT in augmenting tissue repair and regeneration by fostering stem cell release from the bone marrow. Remarkably, these profound results were achieved solely through pressure, without the infusion of additional oxygen.

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What Hyperbaric Chamber Treatments Help With:

  • Enhanced longevity and anti-aging
  • Swift recovery from sports injuries
  • Comprehensive body healing
  • Mitigation of lingering post-Covid symptoms
  • Helps sensorineural hearing loss
  • Healing and recovery for anxiety and PTSD sufferers
  • Rejuvenation and reversal of aging skin signs
  • Boosting performance for elite athletes
  • Restoration from cognitive decline
Benefits of Hyperbaric Chamber Therapy Las Vegas

Benefits of Hyperbaric Chamber Therapy Las Vegas

Hyperbaric Chamber Therapy in Las Vegas offers a lot of benefits for anyone seeking to improve their overall health and wellness. One notable benefit is the enhanced oxygen delivery to the body’s tissues.

This therapy enables oxygen to dissolve more effectively into the bloodstream. As a result, damaged or compromised tissues receive a higher concentration of oxygen, accelerating their healing process. This is perfect for any athlete or person seeking to recover from game-day or a condition.

Increases Growth Factors & Immunity

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy can lead to a surge in the production of essential growth factors, such as vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) and platelet-derived growth factor (PDGF), which play crucial roles in tissue regeneration.

Studies have also shown that this therapy increases white blood cell activity within the body. White blood cells are the body’s natural defense against bacteria, sicknesses, and any pathogens.

Helps With Recovery & Stem Cell Production

Delivering high levels of oxygen to damaged tissues stimulates angiogenesis—the formation of new blood vessels—and promotes collagen synthesis, both vital processes for tissue repair. This therapy has been found to activate stem cells production.

Many athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and other active people use this therapy to help their recovery and enhance any injury or degenerative conditions affecting their quality of life.

Is Using A Hyperbaric Chamber Safe?

Yes, using a hyperbaric chamber in Las Vegas is generally safe when performed under proper medical supervision. Although rare, there are potential risks associated with this therapy, such as ear injuries due to rapid pressure changes or sinus problems caused by blocked airways.

However, these complications can be minimized by equalizing the pressure inside the ears during the descent and ascent. In addition, patients with certain medical conditions like lung disease or untreated collapsed lungs should avoid using hyperbaric chambers due to the risk of air trapping.

Is Using A Hyperbaric Chamber Safe


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Hyperbaric Chamber Side Effects

Hyperbaric Chamber Side Effects

One common side effect reported by users is ear popping or pressure changes within the ears. As the chamber increases atmospheric pressure, the ears might struggle to equalize, causing discomfort and potentially leading to temporary hearing difficulties.

In addition to ear-related issues, some users have experienced feelings of dizziness, sinus damage, blurry vision, or lightheadedness during and after a hyperbaric session. This can be attributed to the change in pressure affecting blood flow and oxygen distribution within the body.

It is important for individuals who have a history of migraines or inner ear problems to discuss this with their healthcare provider before undergoing hyperbaric therapy.

FAQ: Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber

Who Can’t Use A Hyperbaric Chamber?

People with untreated pneumothorax or collapsed lung should not do hyperbaric chamber therapy. The increased pressure in the chamber can exacerbate this condition and potentially cause further harm. Always consult with your doctor before seeking this treatment.

Additionally, people with certain types of lung disease may not be suitable candidates for hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Conditions such as severe chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) or cystic fibrosis can make it difficult for the lungs to tolerate the increased pressure and oxygen levels in the chamber.

Does Hyperbaric Chamber Therapy Hurt?

No, hyperbaric chamber therapy does not hurt. In fact, it is a painless and non-invasive treatment. The sensation experienced inside the hyperbaric chamber is often described as similar to being in an airplane or elevator as the air pressure changes.

Some individuals may feel slight discomfort in their ears during descent, which can be alleviated by swallowing or yawning. However, this mild sensation is temporary and should not cause any pain.

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