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Highly-quality treatment of erectile dysfunction in patients with diabetes

Diabetes Treatment Process

Treatment Process

To get a proper treatment of erectile dysfunction associated with diabetes, you need to visit our clinics previously booking an appointment. We will take care of the necessary diagnostics including blood tests, body fat tests, and imaging. Then the doctor will make a conclusion and prescribe the right ED and diabetes therapy which may include oral medications, injections, acoustic wave therapy, peptides, and hormones therapy, etc.

Experts of our clinic will provide you with diabetes and erectile dysfunction treatment that not only helps you restore your male sex function but also reverse the risks of heart and liver disease and other problems of cardio-metabolic character.

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Benefits of our therapies

  • ED is one of the diabetes complications that can be treated
  • in more than 95 percent of cases, treatment is successful
  • sometimes ED upon diabetes can be cured by lifestyle changes
  • a wide range of medical options is available
  • mechanical treatment may help as well
Diabetes Treatment Process in Las Vegas

Take Back Control of Your Life Today

Diabetes and obesity can lead to a wide range of health complications that weaken your body’s cardiovascular system and limit your ability to perform many tasks as a male. Oftentimes, diabetes and obesity can cause men to experience weakened male performance, and various forms of erectile dysfunction. Fortunately, there are treatments and therapies out there that can help you get your weight and your ED under control so that you can take back control of your life and feel as rejuvenated as you once did. American Male Wellness offers effective, affordable, and non-invasive treatments aimed at helping men just like you take back control of their lives.


We provide men with the tools they need to boost energy, increase mental clarity, and improve sexual and overall health.

Schedule an appointment (702) 347-7000
(702) 347-7000

FAQ: About Diabetes
Treatment Process

Does Diabetes cause ED?

Diabetes may become the cause of erectile dysfunction due to a decrease in the blood supply to the genitals. Nerves that are responsible for erection control are damaged, and erectile dysfunction appears.

Can ED be reversed in Diabetes?

Though diabetes is a health condition that can’t be cured, erectile dysfunction appearing on its basis can be reversed by means of proper treatment. However, it depends on your health status and the disease specificity.

How does Diabetes affect Erectile Dysfunction

Regardless of the type of diabetes, ED can appear due to blood vessel damage, testosterone level decrease as well as side effects of some medications.

What Our Client’s Say

Robert W.
Dr. Tam was great, after doing my initial labs and reviewing them with me he concluded that I have a hormone balance issue and prescribed a hormone optimization plan. I signed up for the monthly plan and now after my second month on the plan I feel great and energized again.

Kieran W.
I’m a patient of this medical center for almost 2 years now, and started testosterone therapy around this time. I feel great and energized again, I also added recently some peptides therapy into my treatment plan and I see great results in my overall well-being.

Ellis J.
It was the first time I visited this clinic and the service was excellent. The front desk person was very welcoming and made me feel at easy, the doctor knew what questions to ask and gave me the felling he knows what he’s doing and really care to help.

Glenn B.
Really happy with the advice that the team at american male wellness provided me with. It's not easy dealing with ED, but it was a relief to get some proper advice on how to deal with it and what treatments are available.

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