Diabesity and Erectile Dysfunction

88% of America Adults have “insulin resistance” that causes obesity and diabetes (Diabesity). In fact, half the world is now fat, diabetic and sick.

Until recently erectile dysfunction (ED) clients were led to believe it was an inevitable consequence of advancing age or was brought on by emotional problems.

We now know that a large majority of men experience ED due to vascular and neurogenic changes brought on by diabesity.

A sexually competent male must have a series of events that occur and multiple mechanisms intact for normal erectile function.

He must:

  1. have desire for his sexual partner
  2. be able to divert blood from the iliac artery into the corpora cavernosa to achieve penile tumescence and rigidity (erection) adequate for penetration,
  3. discharge sperm and prostatic/seminal fluid through his urethra (ejaculation), and
  4. experience a sense of pleasure (orgasm).

A man is considered to have ED if he cannot achieve or sustain an erection of sufficient rigidity for sexual intercourse.

Normal male sexual function requires a complex interaction of vascular, neurological, hormonal and psychological systems. The initial obligatory event is increased penile blood flow and reduced venous outflow which allows a man to acquire and maintain a firm erection.

In addition:

  • – Nitric Oxide (NO) plays an important role. Loss of erection occurs when nitric oxide induced vasodilation ceases (hence Viagra’s success in increasing NO levels).
  • – Psychogenic arousal from sexual imagery or auditory stimuli relay sensual input to the spinal cord (T11 and T12).
  • – Reflex erections secondary to tactile stimuli to the genital area or penis will activate a reflex from sacral roots S2 to S4.
  • – Nocturnal erections occur at night with rapid-eye-movement (REM) sleep and occur 3-4 times nightly. (Depressed men rarely experience REM sleep and usually don’t have nocturnal or early morning erections).
  • – If a man gives a history of no sexual problems until suddenly “one night” this is most often due to performance anxiety (psychogenic cause).
  • – Many drugs can cause ED and all medications must be reviewed.
  • – All hormones, especially testosterone, DHEA and thyroid, need to be balanced.

Low levels of Nitric Oxide are found in those with diabesity who will often have low testosterone, high blood pressure and are often smokers.


With our 4 Week Diabesity Cure we are able to take men off their medication including insulin and reverse 22 out of 26 risk factors for heart disease. In addition we will reverse any fatty liver isease, and other Cardio-Metabolic diseases.

1. Step 1 MEASURE

  • • History
  • • Examination
  • • Diagnostics (includes blood tests, imaging, body fat and other tests)

2. Step 2 MENTOR

We provide you with your own Diabesity APP to track your progress and provide you with the information to begin to reverse your diabesity. We also introduce you to a combination of therapies tailored to your particular problem including oral medications, injectable drugs, vacuum devices, acoustic wave therapy, P-shot, hormones, peptides, pellets and stem cell treatments.

3. Step 3 MEASURE

We track your progress to be sure that your program is working and that your ED is resolving.

Every man with diabetes can have his ED reversed!

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