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At American Male Wellness we believe that true health and beauty begin at a cellular level. Whole body wellness is our goal, by practicing the most innovative medical treatments for sexual wellness using regenerative medicine.

It is our mission as an organization to educate and improve the health of the American public and the way men view male impotency. We want to create an open and inviting environment where they can come talk openly about their problems, seek treatment. And at times a cure.

When men come to American male Wellness It Is a unique experience!!

The AMW experience is unlike no other clinic, this is concierge medicine; our medical providers do not impose any one standard type of treatment. We understand everybody is different and we respect your decisions and own path to wellness. Every patient is designed a patient specific protocol based on lab work and our unique and thorough blood flow analysis.

When it comes to sexual wellness. We need a natural solution.

At American Male Wellness it is the people that make the difference!!!


Patented Medical

At the heart of our success are proven, patented. protected medical protocols aimed at treating the root cause of your dysfunction whether its ED, PE, LOW T, Low energy, Libido, Vitamin Deficiency, Hair loss, Weight Gain, Physical pain, Facial rejuvenation.

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Holistic Treatment

We offer full of evaluation with Madison clinical sexologist who will listen actively, she removes the mental blockages, our treatments remove the physical ones. Specifically, the micro plaque in the penile region with Acoustic wave treatments.

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Treatment Plans

American male wellness we have the most comprehensive office visit and treatment plans for ED, we want to ween guys off the pills, avoid the penile injections and costly surgeries.

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Our Team

Kenneth Tam - APRN

Kenneth Tam

APRN / medical director

Eytan Klepach - Male Health Coordinator

Eytan Klepach

CEO / President

Fay Foroozeh - Medical Assistant - Phelobotomist

Fay Foroozeh

M.A. - Phelobotomist / endocrinology

Kayla Vidot - Medical Assistant - Phelobotomist

Kayla Vidot

M.A. - Phelobotomist / weight loss specialist

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