IV Therapy

What’s IV Therapy?

IV therapy is a term to describe therapies that include intravenous administration of medications or micronutrients to promote overall health, boost immune system, promote sexual and hormonal performance and enhance cognitive health. Here at American male wellness we created a unique program and options to treat various problems patients might experience with our specially compounded intravenous treatments by delivering the fluids directly to the vain. All of our IV procedures are performed by a trained medical professional team and supervised under our Medical director Kenneth Tam (APRN, NP-C)

Types of IV therapy we offer

Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) along with “B” Vitamins, a unique blend of amino acids (Glutamine, Carnitine and Arginine), calcium, magnesium, and zinc to boost sexual desire and performance.

Choline, a natural compound found in the brain, along with Vitamin C and B Vitamins are used to promote mood and enhance memory and cognitive function.

Amino acids, such as Taurine and Glutamine are used in combination with a blend of vitamins and minerals to boost energy and increase metabolism without the use of harmful stimulants.

Glucosamine, MSM, and a unique formulation of amino acids, along with additional vitamins are used to boost recovery and healing of aches, pains and injuries.

Carnitine is an amino acid necessary in the metabolism of fats. The combination of vitamins, minerals and L-Carnitine supplies the body with the required nutrients necessary to optimize healthy fat loss.

Myers Cocktail and Glutathione are used to enhance overall health and wellness while promoting immune system function during times of psychological and physiological stress.

A unique combination of Vitamin C, B and electrolytes, including, sodium, magnesium, and calcium to rehydrate and help detox the body after a night out on the town. This IV therapy will help rejuvenate and refresh the body allowing you to get on with the day without the dreaded symptoms of a hangover.

The stem cells IV are usually customized IV therapies that are available for patients’ individual needs. These therapies include the use of mesenchymal and exosome stem cells derived from potent pharmaceutical sources such as amniotic fluids and ambilocal tissue, delivered and stored in cryogenic conditions in our clinic. They are administered systemically to provide the necessary components for the body to heal and flourish.

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