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What is Premature Ejaculation?

Do you ejaculate immediately before or after penetration? If you reach the climax before performing any action, it will affect your sex life. You will not be able to satisfy your partner. Such a problem can be frustrating, embarrassing and can affect your relationship!

Timing or enduring performance on bed matters the most for a healthy sexual life! There is no particular time of releasing orgasms, but, releasing it immediately after or before penetration will be disappointing for your partner. Your penis will lose erection soon after ejaculating, and you can’t continue sex.

Premature Ejaculation is a common sexual disorder experienced by men. Around 30-40% of men face similar circumstances at some point in their life. If such a thing happens occasionally, you need not get worried. But, if the problem sustains, you need to consult a specialist and share the troubles for immediate treatment.

Symptoms of the issue

You need to self-diagnose and establish the issue before consulting a specialist.

  • Releasing before penetration
  • Releasing immediately after penetration
  • Reduced sexual stimulation and desires
  • Consistent failure attempts of sexual intercourse for premature ejaculation in the past six months.

Causes of releasing orgasms fast

There is no particular cause of Premature Ejaculation! There are several factors including biological and psychological that develop the disorder.

  • A person having early sexual experiences can experience such disorders.
  • If a person remains under depression and feels guilty for any reason, the chances of premature ejaculation increase.
  • The chances of developing the disorder increase if you have early sexual experiences or have faced sexual abuse.
  • Anxiety and worry about erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation also increase the disorder.
  • Abnormal hormone levels and brain chemical levels (neurotransmitters) and inherited traits also are reasons behind developing the issue.

What to do?

If you experience any of the symptoms during sexual encounters, don’t ignore it! Immediately consult a specialist. Premature Ejaculation is a treatable problem and is common. The specialists can help you share your behavioral techniques and treat you with therapies.

However, no pharmaceutical drugs are available to cure the condition. You need the right treatment as some of the options may be ineffective and may also develop side effects. With proper treatment, you can regain the ability of long-lasting erection without premature ejaculation.

American Male Wellness provides safe and effective treatments with multiple therapies that help to recover from the sexual disorder. The popular treatment methods include Plasma Rich Platelet and Acoustic Wave Therapy.