Mental and Physical Benefits of Riding a Motorcycle


Avid motorcycle riders know that riding a motorcycle is one of the most exhilarating and liberating experiences. But there are some mental and physical benefits of riding a motorcycle that is not so apparent to those who ride but are extremely important.

Mental Benefits of Riding a Motorcycle

There are many positive mental health benefits for men that are related to riding a motorcycle. Since we spend so much time at work or doing things indoors without being active, many male stress levels are high because they don’t feel as relaxed as they should be. Riding alleviates that stress quickly by giving us something fun and exciting to do after work or school. It gives us a chance to enjoy the open air; while we’re at it, we can burn off some extra calories!

Here are some of the mental benefits:

Feeling of Freedom

Feeling free on the open road, experiencing the wind rush through your hair as you zoom down the highway, and speeding by people stuck in traffic jams in their cars makes you feel alive!

Stress Relief

Being in the moment of the ride, letting go of yesterday’s worries. Riding a motorcycle on the open road is one of the best ways to relieve stress. The feeling of freedom and lack of worries can cure most people’s stress in just minutes! Driving fills your mind with other thoughts, allowing you to release tension and wash away any worries holding you back from enjoying yourself.

Mental Discipline

Being able to focus and block out distractions while riding requires being mentally disciplined. It also helps build concentration. This benefits your cognitive abilities and keeps your brain young as it develops these skills.

Clear Your Mind

Riding a motorcycle relieves stress. No matter how crazy your day was, riding on an open road brings you back to the present moment.

Good Vibes

Not only does riding a motorcycle provide feelings of accomplishment and freedom, but motorcyclists have reported that when they are riding their bikes, they feel less stressed, happier, in more positive moods, and even euphoric at times. They also report an overall happy feeling when riding.

Physical Benefits of Riding a Motorcycle

There are many benefits of regular exercise that motorcycles have provided male riders for years. Increased agility and flexibility in male riders is one prominent benefits of regularly riding a motorcycle. Mobilizing different muscles increases circulation, which means more oxygen-rich blood flowing through your veins and arteries, which results in better overall health and well-being!

Some of the other physical benefits include:

Body strength

Riding is demanding on muscles. Riding requires body control and engagement from the neck down. All that pressure forces your core muscles to engage at all times while maintaining proper posture. Staying balanced properly while maneuvering the bike around turns and obstacles takes lots of upper body strength.

Leg Strength

To control a motorcycle, you need strong legs.  All that leaning, friction, and pressure from the seat on your legs can cause discomfort or pain if you are not physically fit.


Riding a motorcycle for long periods also requires endurance. At first, you may only be able to ride for an hour or so before feeling tired. But as your endurance increases, you can go farther and faster.

Burn Calories

An average of 30 minutes in the saddle burns about 300 calories; that’s 15% more than you burn while walking quickly for the same period − without getting your feet tired!

Better Posture

Since there isn’t a backrest to lean against, you’ll have to sit up relatively straight to be able to control the motorcycle. When you ride regularly, it may contribute to better overall spine health.

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