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Why should I choose American Male Wellness?

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Men that struggle with poor performance and low libido can be seen by our physician and receive treatment as soon as the same day. We pride ourselves on our unique medical and holistic combination approach. While most clinics try to treat only the symptoms of a problem, our medical team of professionals will look at and analyze your blood work very carefully and will prescribe you a unique treatment protocol that will cure the root cause of the problem to bring your health back to maximized performance; we stand behind our motto


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At AMW you can choose from various male treatments to figure out what works best for you and consult with our doctors at any time while being our patient.

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Our staff is trained and certified PSHOT providers, we are accredited through the American Cosmetic Cellular Association, and all our blood work is processed onsite.

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Our Medical facility in Las Vegas is specialized in overall Men’s health, such as Male performance and increased stamina, bringing back your energy to a normal level, anti-aging programs to empower your vitality, weight management, and reverse diabetes programs.

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Some benefits of our Erectile Dysfunction Therapies:

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How Male Performance Can Be Improved ?

How Male Performance Can Be Improved?

Blood flow is critical to a man’s healthy male performance. We increase your blood flow in the area with our acoustic wave and P-shot procedures, among other available therapies. Most of our therapies and procedures are natural and organic; our approach is to heal your body from inside out.

What is poor male performance?

American Male Wellness treats all aspects of male health and poor male performance. If you are experiencing trouble in bed from time to time, low libido or no desire, or decreased energy level, it is probably the time to consult a professional and see how we can help

What is a poor male performance

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