Weight Loss Tips for Men with Low Testosterone

Weight Loss Tips for Men with Low Testosterone

Weight Loss Tips for Men with Low Testosterone. It can be hard to lose weight if you’re a man with low testosterone. A lot harder than it is for your testosterone-filled counterparts. So if you’ve been struggling to shed the excess pounds, here are a few ways to give your metabolism the boost it needs to start dropping those pounds.

Get More Movement in Your Day

Not only is exercise a proven way to lose weight, but it’s also been shown to help with weight loss for men with low testosterone. A study published by the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism showed that after lifting weights, participants who were given resistance training exercises had better body composition changes than those who were not physically active.

The Right Diet Plan

Think about eating a low-calorie diet high in protein and complex carbohydrates. That way, you’ll have more energy, maintain muscle mass and be less likely to lose your libido. Protein will also help build lean body mass instead of fat.

Be careful not to have too much protein, as protein is usually high in calories! Choose good fats: Olive oil is great for sautéing vegetables or chicken; nuts are a good source of healthy fats and protein; fish is also very nutritious and filling. And don’t forget your fruit!

Get a Test for Low Testosterone

Despite not being a major cause of weight gain, low testosterone can make it harder to lose weight. It lowers the basal metabolic rate, meaning your body processes fewer calories per day at rest than those with normal levels. So if you’ve hit a plateau in your weight-loss efforts and are looking for ways to give yourself an extra boost towards getting rid of those extra pounds – or keep them off once they’re gone – here are eight ways to help kick-start your fat-burning. These tips should only be used alongside advice from your doctor, and if you know you have low testosterone, get it checked out with a blood test before starting any new changes.

Get Treated for Low Testosterone

Testosterone replacement therapy has been shown to help men lose weight and boost their energy. A testosterone deficiency can hinder your body’s metabolic activity and make it more difficult to build muscle. Lowering your body’s ability to burn fat.

Managing low testosterone is key to keeping that belly fat off for good. If you’re suffering from low testosterone or suspect, you may be. Ask your doctor about getting tested (blood tests are the most accurate). Once diagnosed, many different treatment options are available. Including gels, patches, and injections that will help give your weight loss efforts a little kick-start.

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