Erectile dysfunction is the inability to get or keep enough erection for sex. The key reason is low blood flow in the penis which makes it fail to become erect in response to sexual arousal.  There is a huge concern if you have troubles in Erection. Many men have struggled with the problem at some point of their lives and in most cases, the erectile dysfunction may cause relationship problems, stress and disturbs the self-confidence of an individual. It is quite worrying that the inability to keep an erection can be a sign of underlying health problem which requires treatment.  Some of the common symptoms for erectile dysfunction include; reduced desire for sex, inability to keep an erection and inability to get an erection. The sexual arousal for males involves the brain, emotions and hormones. Therefore, if you are concerned about treatment for erectile dysfunction, don’t hesitate to visit our clinic American Male Wellness.

Below are the available treatments:

Acoustic Wave Therapy to treat ED

It is the type of treatment that involves the use of low frequency sound waves which increases the erectile function. The sound waves are capable in stimulating development of new blood vessels, open the blood vessels in existence and increase blood flow in and around the penis. The acoustic therapy is the safe treatment which cures and improves the erectile dysfunction in most patients. It is a long term treatment option available for erectile dysfunction.

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy

It is a type of treatment that is beneficial in making the healthiness of blood vessels and tissues in the penis.  The preparation of PRP involves taking small blood sample and its spins in a centrifuge machine which separates the plasma and platelets from other parts of the blood. The PRP mixture has a high concentration of platelets than that of regular blood. The PRP is injected in the penis and this is known as Priapus Short or P-Short. It is a quick procedure which takes you around one hour in the clinic. The PRP is an effective treatment to opt for erectile dysfunction.

Customer Tailored Medication like TriMix and Sublingual

TriMix injections comprises of a mixture of three drugs (phentolamine, papaverine and alprostadil) which is compounded to suit all patients. It is easy to use and maintains the erection for males struggling with ED. The TriMix is now considered to be the most effective treatment option for non –surgical treatment for erectile dysfunction. When TriMix is injected into the penis, it causes the penis to relax and fill with blood. From this medication, the patient will have long and full erections within five minutes or less which lasts until climax. The importance of using TriMix is that there are safe, reliable and enables long lasting erection.

On the other hand, the sublingual tablets are also effective in solving the erectile dysfunction problem. The sublingual medications relax the penile muscles and improve the blood flow to cause erection. The pills respond effectively only during sexual arousal and dosage can be taken on a daily basis or right before planning to engage in sexual intercourse. We don’t recommend any over the counter tablets to treat erectile dysfunction because the underlying condition might be caused by a serious medical condition which is a great concern. All you need is a test, diagnosis and the best treatment that work for you.

In conclusion, we offer the above mentioned treatments at affordable cost. They will work for you in treating erectile dysfunction and it will not frustrate you anymore. If you are struggling getting an erection, it is important to visit our clinic. We test the underlying medical condition, as the cause might be physical or psychological and recommend the appropriate treatment for you. Visit our clinic and get your sex life on track.