Top 10 Leading Male Enhancement Supplements

Top 10 Leading Male Enhancement Supplements

Erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation are real problems that many men face. Roughly 30 million men in the United States are affected by this issue. Since so many men are impacted by this then it’s important to realize how to identify the problem and what are the best treatment options for premature ejaculation and other sexual dysfunction issues.

What are male enhancement supplements?

Male enhancement is defined as boosting your blood flow to your genital organs to improve length, size, girth, maintain an erection and provide an overall better experience in the bedroom. We’ll be breaking down the top 10 leading male enhancement supplements.

1. O-cream

O-cream is a lotion that you put on so that it can increase your partner’s sexual experience. Giving them that “O” in O-cream. This lotion increases blood flow to your genitals so that it can increase lubrication, stimulation, and sensation during sex. Orgasms are easier to reach when putting on O-cream!

2. Benzocaine/Tetracaine Spray

For those suffering from premature ejaculation then consider Benzocaine/Tetracaine Spray. This sexual spray helps to prevent premature ejaculation and decreases sensitivity. It’s meant to be used before sex to get the most optimal results. By decreasing sensitivity in the genitals, it increases sexual performance with every thrust.

3. Oxytocin Troches

Oxytocin is a prevalent chemical that is naturally found in the brain and within the female reproductive system. This chemical is important to note because it has a huge role during sex. The hypothalamus is responsible for pleasure during sex and its intensity increases with every touch and stimulation. This pill helps with the increase of oxytocin, testosterone production stimulation, sexual dysfunction treatment, brighter orgasms, and sexual desire.

4. VigRX Plus

This twice-a-day pill contains some natural ingredients like Korean red ginseng, Tribulus Terrestris, and other herbs. This leading male enhancement supplement helps with testosterone levels, firmer erections, and libido. Thus, making a desired sexual experience for both you and your partner. VigRX Plus has even helped some users with overall girth and length size. This pill comes in a box of 60 pills for about $69 dollars.

5. Prosolution Plus

Next up in premature ejaculation supplements is Prosolution Plus. This pill has been clinically proven to help men last longer in bed with stronger, harder and firmer erections. Prosolution Plus is made from natural nutrients, vitamins, and minerals that help achieve those all-night sex experiences.

6. Max Performer

There’s a reason why Max Performer gives men the max performance to fight erectile dysfunction. It’s a pill that promises supercharged stamina, boosted sex drive, and longer-lasting erections. It is important to note that some users have complained about varying effectiveness, so the user experience will change from person to person.

7. GenF20 Plus

GenF20 is available in both pill and spray form to men. Surprisingly, this item is advertised as an anti-aging product. It contains ingredients like Tribulus Terrestris and L-Lysine to help with libido and sexual function. These ingredients are also said to naturally promote the body’s human growth hormone. GenF20 Plus is also said to help with aging wrinkles, focus levels, and overall complexion.

8. Semenax

For men suffering from low sperm count or low-intensity orgasms then consider Semenax. It promises users a natural way to increase sperm count and get higher-intensity orgasms. Pricing may be too expensive for some, however, some men truly believe in the long-lasting effects of Semenax. It costs roughly $60 dollars.

9. Viasil

Backed by Swedish science, Viasil is changing the game for male enhancement supplements. It’s 100% natural that provides thickness, size increase, and boosts sex drive while lowering sex-related anxiety levels. Viasil is meant to be used for men over 40. Although this non-prescription pill might take a few weeks for the effects to take over it is supported by many men.

10. TestoPrime

As men get older their levels of testosterone naturally decrease. In order to jump-start your testosterone TestoPrime provides one of the best testosterone boosters on the market. The good thing about this supplement is that it boosts testosterone and decreases the stress hormone. It also provides up to 12% fat reduction, increases blood flow and muscle size up to 120%. While this does take some time to feel its effects it is supported by thousands of users.

Male Enhancement Treatments

While getting older does make you wiser it can also take a toll on your sex drive and testosterone levels. At American Male Wellness we provide the best medical advice and support to help every male.

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