The Erectile Dysfunction Industry, America’s Dirty Little Blue Secret

The Erectile Dysfunction industry Americas dirty little blue secret

In the era of Superman, Rambo, and Chuck Norris, we put a Man on the moon. The American male was a superhero in his own right. Disco was over worldwide, specifically in the U.S. we all wanted to be macho men. As it relates multibillion-dollar industry began in the late 90s when Pfizer, a major pharmaceutical manufacturer, began marketing campaigns targeting aging men with male sexual dysfunction or, in other words, men having trouble getting or maintaining an erection.

Scientists Peter Dunn and Albert Wood (no pun) are awarded the patent number (WOWO9849166A1) when processing a Sildenafil Citrate, better known as Viagra. The two scientists had been experimenting with ingredients to help treat Angina; in these trials, scientists discovered that those same chemical compounds produced a side effect of a male erection. Their work stemmed from the research of several other Pfizer employees who all manufactured the ingredients in Viagra. They only synthesized the process making it readily available to the masses. Pfizer coined the term Erectile Dysfunction and began marketing to men that sex was possible once again.


The Viagra promise was all-encompassing. It included men with severe medical conditions such as Heart Disease, High Blood Pressure, HBP, Hypertension, and Diabetes. Viagra’s clever marketing strategists cast their big net to appeal to the broken male ego’s deepest desires. The Viagra promise was alluring, offering a quick and easy fix. Erectile Dysfunction is probably the most “sensitive” male issue, that, in reality, no men ever really want to talk about. Pfizer’s marketing strategists created call-to-action slogans like “Have the talk with your Doc,” and “Testosterone in the boardroom,” appealing to the broken male egos.

Powered with these million-dollar campaigns and recruiting public figures like ex-President Bob Dole Viagra quickly became a household name. Youth, vitality, and vigor were now accessible to any man regardless of medical condition or age! Welcome the male sexual revolution. Deep down inside, we all knew better. In this case, ignorance was bliss until it was not. One Billion dollars in sales were made in the first year of production, and million-dollar lawsuits followed “America’s number one prescribed ED medication

Viagra, to a certain degree, was marketed as the fountain of youth and quickly became the readily available dirty band-aid of choice. Drawn by alluring images of couples walking romantic sunsets and chardonnay cheers, the masses lined up to fill their fill prescriptions. With no other option to regain their lost sense of manhood, men accepted the Viagra promise/challenge. It came with full disclosures and a laundry list of side effects. One is an erection lasting longer than 4 hours, further spiking limp interest. Yes, you can have those sunset walks on the beach, but in exchange, you may have the following side effects headache.flushing.upset stomach. abnormal vision, such as changes in color vision (such as having a blue color tint) and blurred vision. stuffy or runny nose. back pain.muscle pain. nausea.

As men, we accepted this challenge. Why? because this is how much this means to us! we are willing to risk life and limp for the ability to be viral men that can reproduce and compete. It is one of our most instinctual drives. More so than food, and sleep. As male reproduction is our main drive. It is the reason we get the job, to get the watch, to get the car, to get the house, leave behind a legacy, or at least build a future for our posterity. The male supplement industry was born, and everyone worldwide got on the little blue bandwagon of PDE5i inhibitors. Competition became stiffened.

So, what is the problem? The same one that exists in all capitalist healthcare models. Men with Erectile Dysfunction went to their most trusted partner in health care – their doctor. The Dr. prescribed a one-size fits all solution to one men’s most intimate issues. Millions were brave enough to have “the talk,” and they were all put on the assembly line. Fed a one pill fits all solution. Their Physician had a portfolio that included Pfizer. It would behoove him not to prescribe Viagra.

When it comes to decision-making, who do we have that we can trust? We go to our Dr., our Priest, and attorneys for help. What happens when those we trust are commissioned sales agents? Buyer, beware, became the undertone of men’s conversation. Men worldwide began to wear the dirty little band-aid of PDE5i inhibitors (e.g., Viagra). They became the standard in managing Erectile Dysfunction and improving blood flow to the penis.

With investment portfolios steadily increasing, physicians purchased stock in major pharma, as quickly as they wrote prescriptions for their well-marketed wonder- drug. As the public found out that the magic ‘LITTLE BLUE PILL” was not without side effects. Pills for ED only work for about 50% of men as the liver filters them out.

Studies and history have shown certain men with severe cardiovascular conditions, diabetes, prostate surgery, high blood pressure, and cholesterol issues should not have been prescribed these medications. Lawsuits skyrocketed and continue to be filed today.

Men eventually began to lose hope in western medicine. This gave birth to over-the-counter/mail-order male enhancement supplements. Men said forget the talk, but their message and hopes in an envelope sent it overseas and waited for virility in a bottle to arrive. Mimicking the model created by major Pharma, over-the-counter supplements began hiring retired sports athletes to help sell their products and play the pipers flute. OTC supplements are a huge market today. However, the industry is losing interest because of its lack of success in providing real and permanent solutions for men with moderate to severe ED Erectile Dysfunction or Low Testosterone. Men began to once again look for an alternative to treating their ED.

The mid-2000s gave birth to specialty practices called “Male clinics, offering an even more drastic cookie-cut solution; penile injections (Caver jet). Men answered ads in their local papers on the sports pages. With efficient local vasodilators, physicians, and urologists once again promised any man of any age a full and firm erection- at a price. This led to further loss of credibility in the industry, alienating a now desperate reconditioned male ego. Men started realizing there may not be a one size fits all solution.

After an Iliad-like adventure, frustrated- still, yearning men, return to their physicians or urologists. Their trusted partner glances up from his clipboard only briefly to inform them they need prostate surgery, leaving him forever impotent. Conveniently a second surgery will be necessary, for a penis implant.

History has left men demanding a better, safer alternative to what the market offers. This was the intention of the Founders of AMW to offer Real Science, Real Results, to offer an alternative for true health, healing, and wellness.

American Male Wellness offers Acoustic Wave Therapy (AWT) – a painless solution for Erectile Dysfunction (ED). AWT uses low acoustic sound waves vibrating into the penis to stimulate tissue growth. Acoustic wave therapy removes plaque from the blood vessels going to the penis, and repairs broken or damaged blood vessels. AWT is physical energy that creates a biological response, releasing nitric oxide.

This is the same response achieved by taking pills like Viagra. AWT treatments also cause the body to release VEGF vascular endothelial growth factors. This chemical catalyst signals the body to go into angiogenesis and neovascularization. (The body begins to produce new blood vessels Urologists, Doctors, and patients are excited about the new procedure that could be a game changer in the bedroom and beyond.

Just a quick 30-minute office visit. No, pills, No pain, No side effects. No more embarrassing interruptions before intimate moments. Those romantic sunset walks are possible! Say Bye Bye Viagra! and say hello ala naturale!

Acoustic Wave Therapy