Testosterone therapy at American Male Wellness

Testosterone therapy at American Male Wellness

The most crucial hormone responsible for several bodily processes in a man is testosterone. This hormone is involved in both sexual and non-sexual functions of the body. An imbalance in the levels of testosterone may affect these body processes. American male wellness helps in solving the issues relevant to testosterone so that you may live your life to the fullest.

The Basics of Testosterone

Testosterone is a type of male-dominant hormone that is responsible for producing masculine characteristics in the human body. The female body also has minute amounts of testosterone in them. The production of the hormone is primarily in the testicle of men. Testosterone is also responsible for several other physiological functions of the body.

Testosterone is most commonly associated with the sex drive of the human body. Testosterone plays a vital role in the production of sperm cells. Additionally, it is also helpful in maintaining an optimal level of density of bones. It is associated with muscle strength in women. The brain and pituitary glands are responsible for maintaining the levels of testosterone in the body. After its production, the hormone reaches the blood and then to other parts of the body to produce its effects.

What is Testosterone responsible for?

Testosterone is responsible for carrying out many body functions. The male body begins to produce this male hormone right after seven weeks in the womb. However, the levels of testosterone are highest during puberty. These high levels remain consistent until the late teenage years and then begin to decline. These functions are relevant to both the sexual and non-sexual processes of the body.

  1. Production of sperm – testosterone levels are directly responsible for the production of sperm.
  2. Maturation of the penis and testicles – A rapid shoot in the levels of testosterone during the adolescent stage helps in the transformation of these genital structures
  3. Libido or sex drive – Testosterone is responsible for controlling the sexual desire in men
  4. Behavioral traits – Testosterone influence many manly characteristics in your body. Therefore, the next time you are overly competitive, maybe it is because of the testosterone levels.
  5. Body and beard hair – High testosterone levels lead to the dense growth of beard and body hair
  6. Increase in muscle mass – Testosterone helps to build up the body. It is helpful for people who want their gym sessions to be more efficient.
  7. Metabolism of fat – Higher levels lead to faster burning of fat.
  8. Bone Density – Testosterone levels help in maintaining bone density in men. Men with sufficient levels of testosterone have strong bones.

What Happens When the Body produces less testosterone?

An average human body produces a sufficient amount of testosterone so that it carries out the necessary body functions. However, with age, the quantity of testosterone produced decreases. A decline in testosterone levels is seen after 30 years of age. The reason behind this is usually associated with puberty. A person requires a more significant amount of testosterone during their puberty years. When a man reaches age thirty, he usually is done with the transformation. However, levels of testosterone may even decline before you hit the thirty years mark.

Hypogonadism is the other name for low levels of testosterone in the body. Hypogonadism in the body may show many signs and symptoms that are evident and easily noticed.

  1. Lower Libido – People who have fewer levels of testosterone in the body have a lower sex drive.
  2. Erection ProblemsAlthough testosterone is not responsible for causing an erection, it is somehow involved in it. Testosterone is responsible for the activation of nitric oxide from the brain. This nitric oxide helps in maintaining an erection.
  3. Loss of Hair – Testosterone is involved in the production of hair. Lower levels of testosterone lead to balding and alopecia.
  4. Change in body shape – Testosterone is involved in increasing muscle mass. Lower levels of testosterone mean lower levels of muscle mass, and people with lower levels of testosterone also suffer from fatigue. It might indirectly affect the levels of fatty deposits in the body.
  5. Osteoporosis – People with low levels of testosterone often suffer from pain in joints. It is because, with low levels of testosterone, bone density also reduces. It means that with lower levels of testosterone, you are more susceptible to bone fractures.
  6. Mood and Memory – Lower levels of testosterone not only affect the physical body. It is also associated with mental effects as well. People with low levels of testosterone feel agitated and lack focus. Lower levels of testosterone also result in loss of memory in many patients.
  7. Anemia – According to researchers, the root cause of anemia is often due to low testosterone levels in the body.


The Solution to Lower Testosterone Levels?

American male wellness has a solution to your problems. The treatment of low levels of testosterone is easily possible with Testosterone therapy. Testosterone therapy helps the body to maintain the daily requirement of testosterone, and it helps you to get rid of the signs and symptoms that come with hypogonadism. This therapy helps to improve libido, muscle mass and helps you to feel younger and active.

How effective is the therapy?

In patients with low testosterone levels, testosterone replacement therapy is highly effective. It helps to increase libido. It also helps in treating erectile dysfunction. Testosterone replacement therapy also helps to strengthen muscles, lower levels of cholesterol, and improve mood in patients.

How to get Testosterone therapy?

At American male wellness, you will have the option of getting the therapy in several ways. You can get the treatment via testosterone patches, testosterone gels, sublingual testosterone patches, testosterone injection, and testosterone pellets. Each of them has positives and negatives, and the specialists at the clinic will help you to get the right type of testosterone delivery system as per your suitability. The doctor will check your levels of the hormone before initiation of the therapy. It will help get an outlook about how much dosage of testosterone will be required to produce the effect.

Are There Any Risks Involved?

Testosterone replacement therapy is relatively safe and easily tolerable. Only a few numbers of men have reported the occurrence of side effects. Many of these side effects occur at the start of the treatment and subside with the passage of doses. Some of these effects are

  • Disturbed breathing patterns while sleeping
  • Acne
  • Oily Skin
  • Swelling or tenderness around the ankles

Discussion is the Key

For individuals who suffer from low levels of testosterone, the benefits outweigh the side effects of the therapy. However, before testosterone therapy, it is always advisable to consult a doctor so that you can get answers to all your questions. It is why American male wellness is available to help you in whatever way possible. We will guide you in what is the best way to get the therapy and what are the potential side effects in your case. It is essential that you discuss all the health conditions that you have. In many cases, testosterone replacement therapy accompanies other therapies to achieve optimal benefit.