Myers Cocktail IV Therapy in Las Vegas

Myers cocktail to strengthen your health

COVID-19 pandemic made us take care of our health much more, and that particularly touches upon boosting our immune system to confront health problems. We, at American Male Wellness, care about your health and happiness, therefore we offer you to visit us and rapidly increase your immune power with the help of IV therapy.

This unique vitamin infusion is also called the Myers’ cocktail, named after John Myers, the physician who treated various chronic conditions with the help of nutrients injections. The cocktail is famous for its healing powers. If you feel exhausted, fall ill too often, are allergic to something, or even suffer from migraines or asthma, you need to try the therapy with no doubt. Moreover, the infusion treats respiratory infections, and that is especially important nowadays when new undiscovered viruses may hit thousands of people all over the world, and not all vaccines are invented, unfortunately.

How does it work?

Lots of health deterioration conditions appear because of digestive problems which in turn decrease the absorption of nutrients needed for good health or fast recovery. Myers’ cocktail increases the concentration of vital nutrients, vitamins, and minerals, by ten folds compared with the pills you take orally helping your organism to regain its power. What’s not less important is that the cocktail works even in case of some digestion problems because it’s an intravenous procedure, and the digestive system is not involved.

Protect your health with IV therapy

American Male Wellness center welcomes you to undergo IV therapy in Las Vegas to get a health and energy boost in the long run and stave off various diseases and infections, even in times of pandemic. The procedure takes no more than 30 minutes, is painless, and has very rare and insignificant side effects. The number of injections and their frequency depends on the individual condition of your health. Some patients get IV therapy once a week, some – once a month and others do it when feeling weak and fatigued.

Our experts offer you not to wait until you feel unwell. You can come to AMW and get your dose of Myers’ cocktail in Las Vegas to be sure you are strong enough to stay energetic and healthful, especially in times of some seasonal illness. Schedule a visit right now in order to give your health good support, and tell your family and friends about such a great way of revitalization!

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