Restorative Medicine

American male wellness is one of the top clinics in Las Vegas that provide your services of restorative medicine. The wide variety of restorative medicine therapies is helpful in improved life and wellness in both men and women. Let us help you understand what restorative medicine is and how we can help you improve your life. Ever since its first case of successful use in 1992, restorative medicine has come a long way.


Whenever an injury occurs, the damage extends to your cells and tissues as well. That is where the field of restorative medicine comes in to play. Restorative medicine helps to restore and fix the damaged tissues and cells. The solution is permanent. The goal of restorative medicine is to treat and cure the diseases that were previously untreated by medicines.

Restorative medicine involves both in vivo and in vitro therapies. These therapies amplify the natural healing process of the body. It combines biomedical, robotics, and genetics. It helps to find a solution that allows people in innumerable ways.


Restorative medicine is a promising field that finds its use for the treatment of a number of diseases and conditions. American male wellness will help you decide what therapy is best for you. Have a look at all the benefits that you will unlock with restorative medicine.

  1. Improved Healing Process

Many therapies help to improve the healing process with the help of these therapies, injection of new cells in your system that help in the replacement of old and damaged cells. Example of these therapies include stem cell therapy and protein-rich plasma shots

  1. Management of Pain

Restorative medicine not only helps in managing pain. It is also helpful in getting rid of the root cause behind the pain. Management of chronic pain in traditional medicine comes with added side effects. Restorative medicine is free from side effects.


  1. Increased functioning

Many people who suffer from tissue injuries suffer from chronic pain. The functioning of the joints is also affected because feeling reluctant to move their joints. Restorative medicine improves the production of collagen. It results in the improvement of tendons and tissues. The movement of joints is drastically improved. You will ultimately feel ease in doing your everyday tasks with ease.

  1. Prompt Recovery

Restorative medicine allows your body to heal rapidly. The new cells aid in speeding up the recovery process. It will lead to a reduction in the recovery time for your condition.


American male wellness offers a wide range of restorative medicine services. These restorative therapies can help you with many conditions. You can get your skin looking younger and livelier. You can even get your body parts augmented. You can get treatment for a number of diseases and conditions.

  1. Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy

Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy has proven success in several health conditions and diseases. Platelet Rich Plasma or PRP accelerates the healing process in any body part that it is injected in. The Platelet-rich plasma contains a cell growth factor. PRP is isolated from the blood by drawing samples from your own body. The centrifugation of the sample causes separation of the blood content. It helps in the extraction of the platelet-rich plasma.

Benefits of PRP Therapy:

  • PRP therapy helps in increasing cell growth factors in the body.
  • These growth factors help in the healing process.
  • This therapy helps in the replacement of damaged cells and tissues.
  • This therapy helps in treating erectile dysfunction and is therefore helpful in living a sexually active life.
  • PRP injection to the hairline improve the growth of hair. If you are suffering from baldness, then PRP therapy might be the key.
  • PRP injections are also a sure shot solution to urinary incontinence.
  • PRP therapy is also helpful for face lifting. The procedure is safe as compared to the conventional surgical procedure. The risks involved in the procedure are also less as compared to their surgical alternative.
  • PRP injections to the breast are also helpful in lifting the breast. Conventionally breast lift was only achievable through surgery. However, restorative medicine has made breast lift possible without the need for incisions and surgery. People who undergo surgical breast lift have to wait for months to recover. On the other hand, people who go through PRP shots for a breast lift have minimal recovery time. Side effects of this procedure are also minimal.


  1. Stem Cell Therapy

Stem Cell Therapy is involving in injecting stem cells in the body to help with the regeneration of new cells and tissues. Stem cells are pre-requisites for new cells. These stem cells help in the formation of new cells that help with body processes and functions. The stem cells also can either form new cells or from other cells that are involved in different process of the body

The latest emergence in the field of stem cell therapy is the use of amniotic fluid. The amniotic fluid surrounds the fetus. The amniotic fluid has the potential to harvest new cells. American male wellness is proud to say that we are leading in this new field of therapy. The amniotic fluid facial helps you get the glow on the skin. It is also helpful in the revitalization of the skin.

Benefits of Stem Cell Therapy:

American male wellness utilizes stem cell therapy in many ways that help improve the wellness of many individuals

  • The use of stem cells for facial helps you to look younger and more vibrant. Stem cells help in the formation of new cells and help get glowing skin.
  • Stem cell therapy can also improve your sexual life. Many people that have erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation can get this condition treated in no time.
  • Peyronie’s disease that results in the curving of the penis. The treatment of this disease with the help of stem cell therapy is a great advancement in the medical field.
  • Many of these conditions require constant medications and care. Nevertheless, with just one session of stem cell therapy, you will get long-term benefits.


  1. Acoustic Wave Therapy

The use of Low-intensity shock wave therapy has been going on for centuries in restorative medicine. Acoustic waves are a type of Low-intensity shock wave therapy. American male wellness is proudly one of the few who have successfully employed the use of acoustic waves for the treatment of conditions. Acoustic shock wave therapy is an entirely safe and effective procedure. The procedure is free from surgery and has no side effects

Benefits of Acoustic Wave Therapy:

  • The painless treatment for erectile dysfunction is through acoustic wave therapy.
  • This specific treatment for erectile dysfunction is safe and effective.
  • It has no recovery time, and the patient can easily go about their daily work routine within a few hours post-procedure.


Restorative medicine can help you achieve the lifestyle that you always wished. It promises you with all the benefits that conventional medicine fails to do so. The benefits of restorative medicine are countless. It always helps to make the correct decision as your future lifestyle depends on it. We at American male wellness are willing to provide you with the right counseling and advice.