P-shot: The Power of a Painless Injection

P-shot- The Power of a Painless Injection

P-shot, also known as Priapus shot, is a novel procedure specifically designed to improve your sexual performance. With this therapy, you can not only overcome uncomfortable diseases such as erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation, but you can also treat other more complex problems, such as Peyronie’s disease, prostate cancer, and other diseases.
This is a non-surgical procedure designed for people who want to improve their sexual performance and overall health without the need to go through complicated rehabilitation periods or uncomfortable procedures. It consists only of the injection in very specific places of own products (not strange agents) such as stem cells and platelet-rich plasma (PRP) or amniotic fluid.

Pain? No Way!

This is a completely painless procedure. Normally the initial sample is obtained (such as blood extraction for PRP) using anesthetic creams. The growth and healing factors will then be concentrated in each of the substances to be placed. Finally, anesthetic creams are applied to quite specific areas of the penis but don’t be afraid, you will be completely numb, so you won’t feel anything. Easy, fast, simple and NATURAL.

Benefits of P-shot

The first benefit is in sight of anyone. It is a procedure that uses natural substances, so it enters the context of a “natural therapy”. By this, we mean that there are no major complications arising from hypersensitivity reactions or allergic reactions, no risk of suffering a major injury or anything similar. The fact that it is natural also allows it to be very fast, it is done in less than 15 minutes and the benefits can be seen in a very short time!
Many of the patients who use the p-shot notice an increase in size and sensations in a very short time. Most say it’s a matter of hours, but since this is a very particular therapy that depends on the patient’s condition, the results can vary in time.
Because it is natural, it is also quickly absorbed and allows you to quickly return to your lifestyle. The p-shot will be applied, and no one will notice that you are undergoing a medical procedure!
As soon as the growth factors found within each of the substances applied to begin to act, penis rejuvenation and improved sexual response will increase. Depending on the type of response your body can give, through the different growth factors, it can have a slight and slow change with the passing of weeks, or drastic and fast in a matter of hours.
These effects of the P-shot can continue to act on the penis for months. Some studies affirm that it can last up to 18 months depending on the type of patient. What is certain is that you will notice the changes, which will be permanent and will affect your entire lifestyle!

Some of the great benefits:

• Improved and Increased Blood Flow, especially in patients with erectile dysfunction
• Improved sexual performance and desire
• Increased longevity and endurance
• Improved stimulation, sensation and pleasure thanks to the development of many new nerve endings
• Penis Thickening
• Penis length increase
• Improved self-esteem and virility
• Improves the appearance of the penis and the surrounding area, thanks to the ability to rejuvenate the skin

Inside the P-shot
As mentioned above, what is injected with Priapus shot is Plasma Rich in Platelets, Amniotic Fluid or Stem Cells. Let’s look at each of these substances.

1. Plasma Rich in Platelets
The PRP is no longer only for women, but now also has a big boom for men. It is incredible that a product for the rejuvenation (especially facial) of women is now part of a therapy for men. Plasma contains many growth and development factors that can work well on a man’s penis. With the passing of time, loss of sensation and vascular inability to achieve and maintain an erection become a major problem, either due to secondary causes such as basal diseases (diabetes, hypertension, etc.) or because we are simply getting old. These concentrated plasma factors can develop new nerve endings that can increase sensation, pleasure, and desire. In addition, good vascularization can improve penis size and longevity of erections.

2. Amniotic Liquid
Despite sounding out of place, different derivatives of amniotic fluids are also a key 21st century when it comes to growth factors. Thanks to the various processes that are performed on the amniotic fluid, it promotes the release of growth factors and cytokines that act as if they were still helping the baby grow in the womb. These products are even capable of activating and stimulating the cells of the penis to promote the growth of new tissues and diminish any type of inflammation present. Since it is a tissue with very special immune characteristics (since it is part of the development of the fetus), there is no risk of any adverse allergic effect or hypersensitivity.

3. Stem Cells
Finally, there are stem cells. These small functional units basic to life are considered one of the most versatile therapies available. Having the ability to transform into any type of cell depending on where they are placed, stem cells have been used for the purpose of regenerating any tissue. There are many who support the pluripotent capacity of these organisms, so they may be the ideal solution for you.
In the penis, they not only diversify into other subtypes of specialized cells found at the site of action, but they are also capable of releasing many growth factors as well as cytokines and other mediating molecules that aid in the neoformation of blood vessels -improving flow and circulation-, nerves and tissue of the penis.

American Male Wellness and the Priapus Shot
American Male Wellness is one of the few Men Health Clinics that can offer the 3 varieties of P-shot, ensuring incredible results, which can be corroborated by many happy patients who have undergone this procedure.
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At American Male Wellness therapies are exclusive and follow all FDA regulations. Our staff is trained and has years of experience in each of the P-shot related fields.
Overcoming all those problems related to sexual performance is at your fingertips. Forget about embarrassing moments and thoughts that only attack your self-esteem. Come to American Male Wellness and improve your life.