How to Get IV Therapy in Las Vegas

How to get IV Therapy in Las Vegas

Getting IV Therapy in Las Vegas

You may be wondering how to get IV Therapy in Las Vegas. American Male Wellness offers the best IV Therapy in Las Vegas in a relaxing and comfortable environment. When you want to feel the best, call American Male Wellness for a customized IV pump in Las Vegas!

IV Therapy offers so many benefits that help men improve their lives. For instance, when you need to increase energy or decrease pain, IV therapy can be done quickly and easily. If you want better wellness, IV Therapy is the way to go. Let’s go over the basics of IV Therapy!

Do I Need a Prescription for IV Therapy in Las Vegas?

You need a prescription for IV Therapy in Las Vegas. Unfortunately, there are no legal guidelines for non-licensed providers to provide an IV pump without a physician’s prescription. Our company has worked with physicians to ensure all our clients receive the best treatment possible!

The first thing you will do is ask your doctor at American Male Wellness about IV therapy. Our expert doctors are familiar with it and know what to prescribe, but others may not know what you mean. Many patients refer to intravenous (IV) therapy as “rehydrating therapy” or simply “an IV.”

Do I need IV Therapy?

IV Therapy is used for a wide variety of reasons. It helps with weight loss, increases energy, and decreases pain, to name a few! To know if IV Therapy is right for you, ask yourself these questions:

  • Are you tired often?
  • Do you feel pain often?
  • Have you been diagnosed with depression or anxiety?
  • Are you taking medications that make it difficult to eat and drink enough?

If you answer yes to these questions AND/OR other symptoms specific to your wellness needs, American Male Wellness has exactly what you need! An IV pump can improve men’s wellness by decreasing fatigue and stress. You don’t have to live with those conditions any longer!

How does it work?

Our team members will give you intravenous fluids. Sometimes this includes vitamins, anti-aging treatments, or nutrients that don’t go through the digestive system well. Your doctor may prescribe something specific depending on your needs. You can see why an evaluation from one of our doctors is so important.

How long does it take?

A typical IV session takes between 30 and 40 minutes to complete, though it can vary depending on your needs. Most of our clients come in feeling tired and sluggish after a busy week of work; they leave feeling healthy and vibrant!

Do I Need to Know What’s In My IV?

You do not have to worry about knowing what’s in your IV Therapy treatment because we do not use any chemicals or coloring additives inside the fluids. Sometimes a doctor will prescribe something specific depending on your needs. You can see why an evaluation from one of our doctors is so important.

American Male Wellness IV Therapy in Las Vegas

Our goal is to help men with IV Therapy in Las Vegas. We are here for you! Our studio provides a relaxing environment that makes you feel completely at home. You get the personalized care that other clinics cannot offer. Make sure you have an appointment before coming in so we can give you the best possible treatment from start to finish.

Call American Male Wellness today at (702) 347-7000 and experience what it’s like to be healthy again!