Acoustic Wave Therapy for Erectile Dysfunction

Acoustic wave therapy for erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction should be treated by seeking professional help. Considering it to be a social stigma, many men look for treatment options, which might lead them to many scams. Seeking professional advice will aid you in getting the right course of treatment for the condition.

The standard treatment for erectile dysfunction is with the help of phosphodiesterase inhibitors. These medications are temporarily treated. The medicines have to be taken for an extended period. The side effects of these medications cannot be ignored, as well. Our specialists at American male wellness are continuously looking for alternate and safe ways to treat erectile dysfunction.

What is Acoustic Wave Therapy?

Acoustic Wave Therapy is the utilization of low-intensity shockwave therapy. Acoustic wave therapy is a type of non-surgical treatment option. The mechanism behind acoustic wave therapy is to pass low-intensity shock waves across the tissues to induce the desired effect. The acoustic waves were previously introduced for the treatment of kidney stones, bone fractures, ischemic heart diseases.

Regardless of the many positive reviews about the healing effects of the acoustic wave, the mechanism with which they produce their results is still unclear. It is recommended that these shockwaves are responsible for starting several biological responses within the body. It initiates the release of vascular endothelial growth factors. It helps to stat the proliferation of the cell and induce anti-inflammatory effects. The ultimate effect is the regeneration of tissue and healing.

Can Acoustic Wave Therapy treat Erectile Dysfunction?

Acoustic Wave Therapy was proposed by a group of researchers in 2010. Ever since its proposal, acoustic wave therapy has shown promising effects for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. The acoustic wave therapy is so beneficial that it may as well be used as a first-line treatment in patients with vasculogenic erectile dysfunction.

Acoustic wave therapy also helps in dealing with patients suffering from premature ejaculations. It means that the treatment has dual benefits, and the circle of people who can benefit from this procedure has increased a great deal. An ample amount of blood supply to the penis is required for the maintenance of an erection. Any limitations to the blood supply can become a cause of erectile dysfunction.

It is often assumed that erectile dysfunction is due to a build-up of plaques on the blood vessels of the penis. With the help of the acoustic waves, the plaques are removed from these vessels. The removal of plaques helps to improve blood flow to the penis.

The Benefits of Getting Acoustic Wave Therapy for Erectile Dysfunction

  1. Restoration of Vitality and Spontaneity

It is a highly useful treatment option for erectile dysfunction. Many men experience improvement in their sexual performance right after one session. Restoring the sexual performance the same as it was before is one of the significant benefits that come with acoustic wave therapy.

  1. Non-Invasive Procedure

The entire procedure is completely non-invasive. It means that you will not have to worry about post-operative pain.  The whole process takes place within half an hour.

  1. Combination with Other Therapies

American male wellness makes it possible to combine acoustic wave therapy with Stem cell therapy to gain added benefits. The combination of both these therapies will help you to increase sexual performance primarily.

  1. Minimal Side Effects

The non-invasive aspect of the procedure makes it completely safe. It means that the patient will not have to worry about side effects. It makes the treatment tolerable for many, especially for those who are already suffering from health conditions.

  1. Ideal Alternate to Medications

Many researchers believe that Acoustic wave therapy for erectile dysfunction is the best advancement of the medical field. It helps to get rid of those daily medicinal doses. Getting rid of medications also means fewer chances of side effects associated with those medications.

  1. No Recovery Time

The surgery is non-invasive, which is why the patient can easily walk out of the clinic on their own. There is no requirement for recovery. The patient can easily get back to their daily life routine without worrying about anything. The patient will not be required to stay at the hospital overnight. This procedure also minimizes the need for constant monitoring of the patient.

What to Expect during the procedure?

American male wellness uses a standard protocol to perform the procedure. This procedure is performed with the help of a specialized machine that is designed specifically for this purpose. The penis is coated with a special type of gel. A specialized probe that is attached to a machine is placed on various areas of the penis. The function of the machine is to generate acoustic waves.

The strategic placement of the probe on various areas of the penis helps to get rid of plaque. Each of the sessions lasts for hardly fifteen minutes. Due to its non-invasive nature, the procedure does not require the use of anesthesia of any type.

American male wellness also helps with post-therapy exercises to help you in recovering from erectile dysfunction promptly. These exercises are usually pelvic floor exercises that are mainly to strengthen the pelvic region.

How Effective Is the Procedure?

The effectiveness of acoustic wave therapy is relevant to the transformation that a patient has from having no erections at all to maintaining an erection for the required period. In such cases, 62% of the patients have reported improvement in their erections in single therapy only. The improvement in the patient is evident from the overall improvement of the body. The patient will feel better with each session.

Patients also have reported that they stopped taking PDE5 inhibitors because the effects of the acoustic wave therapy were very prominent. The impact of acoustic wave therapy lasts for more than a year. Acoustic wave therapy is an excellent alternative to surgical procedures for erectile dysfunction.

Many surgeries end up with post-op complications such as the development of infection. However, in the case of acoustic wave therapy, the patient will not have to worry about this.  The entire process is simple. The convenience of the procedure makes it suitable for many.

Are There Any Side Effects Of The Procedure?

The extraction of stem cells is from the sample from the patients themselves, which reduces the chances of allergic reactions. There are minimal or no adverse effects associated with the procedure. However, few people have reported minor side effects of minor bleeding from the injection site and bruising. If you experience these side effects, then you should not worry, as these will subside on their own within a day.

How to Know If Acoustic Wave Therapy is Best for You?

The following candidates are ideal candidates for acoustic wave therapy;

  1. Erectile Dysfunction patients with a vascular disorder
  2. Erectile Dysfunction patients with Diabetes Mellitus
  3. Erectile Dysfunction patients with nerve damage
  4. Erectile Dysfunction patients that have undergone pelvic surgery due to cancer
  5. Erectile Dysfunction patients with a curvature of the penis, a condition that is also called Peyronie’s disease
  6. Erectile Dysfunction patients with Cardiovascular Disease

The list is for all those who are thinking of getting acoustic wave therapy from

Acoustic Wave Therapy and Erectile Dysfunction Clinic in Las Vegas will help you in making a conscious decision.

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