8 Great Benefits of the P-shot Procedure

8 Great Benefits of the P-shot Procedure

Are you considering the p-shot? Do you struggle to get an erection? Or are you unhappy about the shape and girth of your penis? There has been a great advancement in men’s health, resulting in new and better treatments. The p-shot or Priapus shot is a revolutionary treatment in high demand and interest. Once you learn all the 8 Great Benefits of the P-shot Procedure, you might want to experience the benefits yourself.

1. The p-shot procedure is a safe treatment

The p-shot is a harmless treatment for erectile dysfunction. There is no limit to who can receive the treatment, and it is available for people of all ages. Most people desire the outcome of a surgical procedure, but such procedures carry many risks. As for the p-shot treatment, well, it is mostly risk-free and much less invasive. The p-shot comprises Platelet Rich – Plasma referred to as PRP. PRP contains your platelets and plasma and therefore is very safe to use. The p-shot itself is not a drug and therefore doesn’t require FDA approval; however, the separation of the blood – the PRP process is FDA-approved. The entire procedure is very safe.

2. The p-shot procedure supports erections to last longer

The penis contains cells that help to keep the blood inside the penis. PRP treatments are aimed directly at restoring those cells resulting in longer-lasting erections.

3. The p-shot is used to improve sexual health

The p-shot improves the blood flow to the penis. As the blood rushes to the penis, it makes a significant difference in how sensitive it is to touch and arousal. In this way, the p-shot boosts the feeling of pleasure of the recipient. The p-shot also has an indirect influence on the self-esteem of the person who receives it. Many men have poor self-esteem due to sexual health issues. Once this issue is somewhat resolved by the changes the p-shot has set in motion, the results are likely to be improved self-esteem and sexual function.

4. The p-shot results in stronger and harder male erections

The more blood the cells absorb, the stronger the erection. Patients will experience a harder erection and it might be visible as soon as the morning after the procedure. Some of the benefits of the p-shot do vanish over time. However, many patients find that their erections maintain strength for a year after treatment.

5. The p-shot is painless

Thinking of getting a shot in the genitals can sound very painful, but with a p-shot, this is not the case. Usually, the clinic will apply a local anesthetic to the region where the shot will be done, making this a painless experience. The only pain experienced might be the blood that has to be drawn to get hold of the PRP. It is similar to drawing blood for lab tests. After the procedure, most people don’t experience much pain either. There are some side effects, such as bruising around the p-shot area, and pain during erections, but be assured that this disappears very quickly. Some patients have no pain at all afterward.

6. The p-shot causes an increase in penis size

The PRP treatment encourages the cells in your penis to perform even better than they did in its prime time. This, in turn, means that the penis cells are absorbing even more blood than usual. Even though not every patient experiences a larger penis, most report noticing some change in size. Size may be as much as an inch in erect length and half an inch in circumference.

7. The p-shot can change the shape and appearance of the penis

Some people are very unhappy with the appearance of their penis, perhaps the size or the shape. People usually seek male performance and enhancement surgery to fix their problems. However, such surgeries have many downsides. You have to wait a couple of weeks before you can have sex again, you have to keep treating the surgical wound, and you might have to get circumcised. Of course, the p-shot doesn’t have all these disadvantages and can even fix most issues without pain and recovery time.

8. The p-shot costs much less and saves time

Treatments are different for all patients, but it is important to remember that the procedure is very simple. The p-shot may deliver similar results for less money than surgical implants. For most people, the p-shot may be a less invasive and cheaper way to achieve similar results to implant surgery.