7 Tips for Low Sex Drive

7 Tips for Low Sex Drive

It’s not unusual for men and women without a significant other to report having no libido or sexual thoughts at all. Couples in committed relationships often suffer from low sex drive, which can create problems in the relationship when it becomes an ongoing issue. While low libido isn’t a disease, it is still a problem many seek treatment for. In order to get back your mojo, here are 7 Tips for Low Sex Drive you should try:

1. Try New Things

If you’re not feeling up to going out on a date night, take a chance and ask your partner to try something new in the bedroom. If you’re both open to trying new things, it may be just what you need to get your sex drive going again. This could be anything from role-playing or using handcuffs to playing with sex toys or wearing lingerie.

2. Eat Right for Better Sex

Eating healthy gives us more energy, improves our confidence, and makes us feel good about ourselves. The same goes when we eat foods considered aphrodisiacs, which can help improve our sex drive. Some good examples are lots of leafy greens, fruits like avocados and bananas, lean meats and seafood, coffee (in moderation), and dark chocolate. Avoid foods high in saturated or trans fats, as they can negatively affect your sex hormones.

3. Spice Up Your Appearance

If you’re not feeling spontaneous enough to do something new with your partner, but you still want to experience some sort of sexual desire, try putting some effort into your physical appearance. Get dressed up for the night and tease each other before going out for dinner or drinks at a bar. You may even feel naughty enough to start an impromptu make-out session in the car!

4. Keep Your Mind Off Sex

If, despite trying new things and eating healthy, your low sex drive persists, another thing that may help is learning to control your thoughts by reading books or taking up other activities. Learning how to keep your mind on other things besides sex can help you to overcome this problem and allow you to enjoy the pleasures of sex again.

5. Spice Things Up With Toys

Using toys during foreplay or intercourse is a great way to make sex more exciting for both partners. There are many different kinds of toys suited for all sorts of preferences, so try out some new things to see what works best for you. If you’re looking for something cheap, plenty of “novelty” stores sell inexpensive items like fake vaginas, vibrators, and even sexy lingerie! Remember that there’s no rule about how often these types of products should be used. Couples can use them alone or together whenever it feels right.

6. Stop Feeling Guilty

If you’re feeling guilty about having a low sex drive, it can be distracting and is often one of the main reasons why people avoid sex completely. If you find that your low libido will not improve no matter what you do, it may be time to consider what could be causing this problem. Is something else happening in your life that might make you feel less desirable? Do you need to discuss this issue with your doctor? Whatever the reason, try not to let guilt get in the way of having a healthier sex life.

7. Remember, It’s Just Sex

It’s just sex. Many couples suffering from low libido will say that when they finally decide to seek help for the problem. Remember that sex is supposed to be fun and pleasant, so don’t overthink it! If you feel as though your low sexual desire has become a serious problem in your relationship, try seeing a therapist together.